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Wealth Strategists

Wealth planning can be complex for both individuals and families. Whether you need a partner to advise you about certain situations like business succession and risk management or just need help preparing an estate plan, it’s important to first pinpoint your position along what we call the wealth continuum. Our experts analyze your financial picture as it aligns with your life plan to help you get to where you want to go. Part of our expertise is our ability to work in conjunction with your CPA, attorney and any other advisors you have. Our mission is to keep your wealth moving in the right direction as you journey along the wealth continuum.

Our Philosophy

At CoBiz Wealth, we look at wealth not as a destination, but as a journey along the wealth continuum. Our belief is that where you are is the perfect place to start. Because we take the time to get to know you, your family and your values, we’re able to determine where you are financially, what’s important to you, and how future wealth can help enrich and elevate your life. This one-on-one approach provides us a clear understanding of your needs, so we can individualize your wealth plan for the exciting journey ahead. We go beyond the numbers by merging fundamental financial principles with innovative wealth management solutions. We are there every step of the way as you move along the wealth continuum helping you stay on track and making adjustments along the way.

Our Process

Our recommendations begin with an in-depth, in-person conversation to understand what's important to you. We strive to truly understand your attitudes, concerns and priorities while collaborating with you to arrive at the best possible plan for you and your family. We'll analyze everything.

  • Retirement Income Strategy
  • Coordinated Investment Planning
  • Financial & Insurance Review
  • Will & Trust Review
  • Implementation Checklist

We guide you through implementation with clearly defined action items so your plan can one day become reality.

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