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Investment Management

At CoBiz Wealth, we're a collaborative group who combines intellectual rigor and a disciplined process to create customized, diversified investment portfolios for our clients. Because every client is unique and positioned differently along the wealth continuum, we build portfolios one client at time, using a hybrid open architecture approach that provides broad opportunity.

Our in-house investment team expertly manages our proprietary equity and fixed-income portfolios and external managers with complementary investment methodologies are utilized to incorporate global investment solutions for more balanced investment opportunities.

In addition to more traditional wealth management plans, we also offer specialized services such as transition management, philanthropic planning, trust and estate guidance and banking through our affiliate banks Colorado Business Bank, Arizona Business Bank and CoBiz Private Bank. Through our parent company, CoBiz Financial, we offer access to a complete suite of financial services. Click here to read more about our additional services.

We also offer strategic relationships with premier legal and accounting firms who are like-minded in our commitment to individualized service.

Our Philosophy

You need a customized investment plan that fits your unique financial picture. That's why our professionals believe wholeheartedly in the discovery phase where we learn about what matters most to you and your family. This helps us determine your location along the wealth continuum. This is such a fundamental part of our process because wealth isn't a destination but a journey– something you build over time. Our experts not only have extensive portfolio management experience, but they have the insight to align your portfolio with who you are and what you want to achieve.

We understand how important it is to continually analyze and evolve your investments because life can be unpredictable. Your wealth plan might need to change course depending on any number of circumstances, which is why regular meetings are so important to making sure your wealth plan is accurate and on track.

Our Process

When you decide to partner with us as your investment management advisor, we take that responsibility seriously. We start with candid conversations and open communication about your financial situation, hopes and aspirations. From there we determine your location along the wealth continuum, and then create a road map otherwise known as an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that focuses on:

Understanding your needs - We know that each client has different needs and expectations. That is why we take the time to get to know what is important to you and your family. Getting to know you on a personal level allows us to build a plan that fits your needs. Recognizing that your family situation may change, we make sure your plan is dynamic and flexible enough to adjust as your needs change.

Matching your needs with the right tools - With a wide array of resources available to us, we develop a diverse asset allocation approach that aligns with your wealth management needs.

Reassessing your needs - In today's rapidly changing financial environment, movement along the wealth continuum necessitates a strategy that can weather the storm. We update and rebalance each client's portfolio to ensure we're addressing market changes or changing life circumstances. We meet regularly with every client to make sure your investment plan is achieving what you set out to accomplish.

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